Feb 8, 2018

rojiura curry samurai

Sorry about the timeskip here. This is Rojiura Curry Samurai in Kamakura, where I met my sister's friend Asana and had my first non-Japanese curry in Japan! I got the special one to share with my sister, and Asana got me into believing that the Japanese really eat a lot of rice (but they don't get fat at all) 
I didn't get to photograph my favourite part of the restaurant- the little garden beside where we sat, but I'd love to explore more places like this next time!

Feb 3, 2018

shibuya: the first impression

I have to admit, it didn't feel like my first time in Shibuya. It looked like how I imagined it to be: Hachiko, that crosswalk, large billboards, and plenty of people. Except that it's not in a digital format I see on my phone. The city felt so real, so busy. When you walk a little further away from it, the world is again quiet. 

We had lunch at this amazing ramen place we visited last year in Osaka, and we fell in love with it again.

This was our first goodbye, Shibuya.