Mar 13, 2018


We arrived at the final stop of the Enoden - Kamakura.
Kamakura is gorgeous. The laid-back but developed town is becoming my new favourite after Takayama. It's not as famous as Kyoto for its traditional vibes but there's something really relaxing about the town that makes me feel very comfortable with it. I'm in love again after seeing these photos.

Our friend Asana brought us to this place where you'd get soft serves coming in of different levels of matcha-ness.

So cute I can't help to take a shot of this.

It was totally okay to get a piece of fish off the rack using the chopsticks provided.

I got another disposable film camera at the Palette Plaza nearby.

It could've been the sunset; we rushed off to Yokohama after seeing the colors slowly dispersed.

Mar 2, 2018

slamdunk memories

Another reason to really like this area covered by the Enoden: Slamdunk.
I've never been a sports anime fan until Slamdunk (no I didn't watch The Prince of Tennis), and it's a good ol' classic. The retro style is really nice, and there's a lot of humor in it.
To my surprise, there's so many Slamdunk fans around here, and it's almost impossible to mimic Hanamichi's pose. Here comes the cons of the internet.

All I remember was being genuinely happy here, trying to avoid people and cars while shooting away.

Like really, I wouldn't mind coming back again just for another train ride by the sea.