Oct 6, 2018


Like really, who else wouldn't like Shimokitazawa? It's hippy, trendy, relaxing and gosh, the word vibe just came across my mind.

Retro clothing is all in trend, and youngsters are all sporting the old man clothing like no one else cares.

My first time in a thrift shop! I find it super cool.

Weird. But cool.

My first time seeing how edamame looks in full. We went to Ozeki (again) to get some fruits!

I really enjoy strolling around this area, but probably will be exploring another street next time! 
My only regret is that I've never been to any live house here :( 

Someday, maybe.

Oct 1, 2018

totoro cafe

I've been wanting to visit this place since seeing one of these puffs on the social media. Having more time to spend leisurely on our second trip, I decided to come back to Shimokitazawa to pay a visit to this little place.

The cafe's name literally translates to Whitebeard's Cream Puff Bakery. They have a sister restaurant right upstairs that serves Western style cafe food. The shop already won my heart at the first glance. I personally find the rustic design -that reminds me of the sisters' place in the Totoro movie- to be super cute.

For dine in, head upstairs for the reception, and the lady downstairs handles the takeaway orders. 


We were seated outdoors as the cafe was fully booked that afternoon, which is just perfect. The weather was absolutely amazing, and we couldn't be bugged by bugs when the setting pleases me that much. Spot Gigi.

How to do a totoro puff justice:

We sat and wrote in our techos till the sun starts to set. Two ladies next to us were having a conversation over their boyfriends and wedding plans (unintended eavesdropping). Shimokitazawa is always gonna be special for me.