Jul 15, 2018

hatsuhana soba

Located by the river, Hatsuhana Soba Honten is one of the more famous restaurants we found on the internet. Dine here, feel zen and enjoy a bowl of soba in your favourite style. I got Ten-Zaru-Soba and it was really good.

We didn't have to wait for long despite coming in a rather large group and it was close to lunch hour.


Jul 13, 2018

wokyo 2.0 / izakaya

A little fast-forward action here - but I'll make up for the missing parts later!

We already knew Shinjuku is the place for izakayas. As dusk falls the city lights up, and it is the moment to learn about the real part of a Tokyo worker's life. 

There are plenty of izakayas here; just choose the one you're comfortable with. This old guy was the reason why we went for this place. (which turned out to be a pretty good choice)

Only got these on the iPhone a second before they were devoured. Lots and lots of kanpai for these girls who are moving into a new chapter of their lives.